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On October 19, 2018, General Consul Piotr Janicki of Polish Consulate in Chicago introduced Mr. Wojciech Golik as a new Honorary Consul in St Louis. The reception was held at the Crystal Room of the Missouri Athletic Club in Downtown St Louis. The reception was closed to the public. Among special guests who attended the reception were :

  • Mr. Piotr Wilczek Ambassador of Poland to the United States
  • Mr. Piotr Janicki – General Consul of the Rpublic of Poland in Chicago
  • Mr. Andrew Rehfeld CEO of Jewish Federation
  • Mr. Francis Slay former Mayor of the City of St Louis

Members of St Louis Consular Corps:

  • Mr. Joseph B. McGlynn – Honorary Consul of Ireland
    Mr. Marc Vanacht – Honorary Consul of Belgium
  • Mr. Roel Harryvan – Honorary Consul of Netherlands

Board of Directors and Members of Missouri Division of Polish American Congres (MO PAC)

  • Mr. Marek Waniolka – 1st Vice-president and PAC National Director 
  • Mr. Bob Ogrodnik – PAC VicePresident for Membership Development and Honorary Consul Emeritus 
  • Mr. Andrzej Blek – PAC Treasurer and Mrs. Teresa Blek 
  • Mr. Eugene Brzyski – PAC Secretary, and Mrs. Wanda Brzyski 
  • Mr. Joseph Skudrzyk with his wife Mrs. Bozena Skudrzyk

Representatives of Polish American Cultural Society of Metropolitan St Louis (PACMS)

  • Mr. Robert Szydlowski – President of PACMS
  • Mrs. Marianne Szydlowski (former president of PACMS)

Other members of Polish community in St Louis

  • Ms. Vicky Aitken – former President of Polish Falcons
  • Mr. Anthony Kaminski – Polka Promoter and DJ at WEW 770 AM
  • Mr. Michał Rozbicki of Saint Louis University and Mrs. Jody Rozbicki
  • Fr. Marek Bozek – Pastor of St Stanislaus Kostka Church
  • Mr. Marek Jankowicz – TV Cracovia
  • Ms. Malgorzata Moll – Co-founder and Principal of Polish School and Mr. Jeffery Moll

Mr. Golik’s closest family – Mrs. Joletta Golik and their sons

  • Dr. Blazej Golik with his wife Ansley
  • Dr. Ben Golik with his wife Jolene.

In his remarks, Mr. Golik emphasized his admiration for support and contributions of MO-PAC, which he co-founded and where he serves as President.

He also declared willingness to cooperate with all members of Polish community and Polish organizations in the St Louis area.

We wish him success in this new role.



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