Please joins us on n Thursday, August 8, 2019 @ 7:00p.m for an event commmemorating 75th Anniversary of the Warsaw Uprising. The event is part of We Are St Louis series. The event will feature a screening of an award-winning documentary “A Brave Bunch -The Uprising Through Children’s Eyes”

Synopsis: When the Warsaw Uprising started in 1944, thousands of children lived in the city. “A Brave Bunch” is about those who survived. A hybrid documentary by Tomasz Stankiewicz tells a story of heroic and tragic 63-day struggle to liberate Warsaw from Nazi Germany occupation during World War II from a child’s perspective. In the film, a group of kids finds an authentic dairy from the Warsaw Uprising. Looking for its owner they stumble into the Warsaw Uprising Museum. Thanks to the diary’s magic power they meet their peers from 1944 who survived complete destruction of Warsaw and slaughter of its inhabitants.

A brief introductory lecture by dr Michal Kwiecien will take place before the movie. There will be a Q and A after the showing of the movie. There will also be networking/exhibit viewing of 10-15 display boards on the topic of Warsaw Uprising.

A Brave Bunch. The Uprising through children’s eyes.
Director: Tomasz Stankiewicz
Poland, 2015, 30min.
Category: Documentary Short
Language: Polish with English subtitles.

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