Faces Not Forgotten, Local Non-Profit, Honored by the 2nd Annual Anthem Awards

Faces Not Forgotten, an Alton-based non-profit, has been named a Gold winner for Special Projects showing Innovative Products and Services as well as a Silver winner for Community Outreach in the Education, Art, & Culture category of the prestigious 2nd Annual Anthem Awards

https://www.anthemawards.com/winners/list/entry/#!education-art-culture/special-projects/faces-not-forgotten/1980/-1/387040 .

The Anthem Awards honors the purpose & mission-driven work of people, companies, and organizations worldwide. Fellow winners include Gloria Steinem, Billy Porter, Amanda Gorman, and Abigail Disney.  

Faces Not Forgotten is a social justice visual art project that honors the children in America, eight per day, disproportionately black, who are killed by gun violence. “We elevate the individual humanity of each young gun violence victim by painting their portraits to give dignity to these children. These portraits are donated to the survivor families,” said Christine Ilewski, founder and executive director. “We then assemble the images into quilts, organized by state, and exhibit them in venues across the country hoping to shift our collective social consciousness and ignite change.”

“Since launching this platform in June of 2021, we have seen that social change has emerged as a dominant force in mainstream culture,” said Anthem Awards managing director Jessica Lauretti. “The sheer number, breadth, and overall quality of the entries shared with us in the 2nd Annual Awards is a testament to the strength of this growing movement and demonstrates an enduring commitment to the work. From the war in Ukraine to protests in Iran and the ongoing battle for equality here at home in the States, the call for change not only perseveres but is a growing global chorus.”

The Anthem Awards was launched in response to the prevalence of social good that has taken within the national conversation and aims to amplify the voices that spark global change. The 2nd Annual competition received nearly 2,000 entries from 43 countries worldwide. Winners for the 2nd Annual Anthem Awards will be honored at the Winners Celebration on February 27 in New York City. Fans can watch and listen at www.anthemawards.com.


More information

Christine Ilewski https://www.chrisilewski.com/about

Faces Not Forgotten: http://facesnotforgotten.org/press/