Our Mission

Saint Louis Polonia, Inc. is a Missouri non-profit organization, whose purpose is promotion of the knowledge about the one-thousand-year-long history of Poland and its ethnic diversity and appreciation of the Polish contribution into the world’s culture. We believe that through, acknowledging the richness and beauty of our national patrimony we maintain our identity and become more aware of our unique resources enabling us to make a positive impact on the life of our city through cooperation and partnership, based on reciprocal respect, with other organizations.

Our goal is to share out time, talent and resources in order to create a variety of educational, cultural and charitable initiatives in order to enrich the life of our local communities and contribute to a better understanding among people of different ethnic background.

We promote respect for the Constitution of the United States and all federal, state and local government laws and regulations. We are proud to be part of beautiful St. Louis – the city, which was built and shaped by immigrants from many countries including Poland.