Support Ukrainian Students and Researchers Through Special Scholarship Funds and Other Charitable Efforts

We feel for the Ukrainian people, especially the students and staff of our Ukrainian members and their families.  We call on our community to support students from Ukraine, so they can continue their music studies and academic activities.  Numerous students from Ukraine have attended the ISJA since the 1990s. We want to raise funds for scholarships for Ukrainian students to attend this


High school and college students from Ukraine.

AMOUNT   $300 per student

  • Tuition:
    • Vocalist 600 PLN
    • Instrumentalist 500 PLN 
  • Accommodation 320 PLN (8 days) 
  • Meals 326 PLN


  • Donate directly to the Saint Louis Polonia UKRAINIAN SCHOLARSHIP FUND – click on DONATE button below

  • Mail a check to  Saint Louis Polonia, Inc. 11469 Olive Blvd #1115 St. Louis, MO 63141 
    Donate through our Saint Louis Polonia SUPPORT US page