We had the pleasure of participating at MIRCIM in Krakow, Poland; which is an international board review course led by McMaster University in Canada in partnership with Jagiellonian University.  The Auschwitz Review course had 200 participants who listened to state of the art lectures. One of the lectures was truly life changing by Professor Wanda Połtawska  who was a clinical psychiatrist at Jagiellonian and survivor of clinical experiments done at the concentration camp.  The Best Case report featured 16 countries with trainees who were given 6 minutes to present unique and compelling case reports from their home institutions.  

MIRCM represented over 30 countries and over 650 attendees dedicated to medical education in internal medicine with topics and workshops focused on evidenced based medicine and creating the pipeline for mentorship and quality improvement in healthcare, research and education.

To date, Saint Louis Polonia has supported 4 academic medical education conferences in Krakow, 5 observerships and an academic symposium in STL with four faculty members from Jagiellonian medical school.
We are truly excited to see that during the last 4 yrs our initiative continues to grow with leaders and educators committed to excellence in education and leadership.
Our goal as STL Polonia is to provide opportunities to connect and exchange ideas and best practices in medical education on the global stage  for current and future leaders and trainees in medicine. We hope they are able to develop new outcomes and approaches on how medicine is taught and practiced in research, training and maybe most of all through the concept of mentorship and effective communication in patient care.  

“The delicate balance of mentoring someone is not creating them in your own image, but giving them the opportunity to create th emselves.”  by Steven Spielberg