Polish Passport Application

A representative from the Consulate General of the Republic of Poland will be in St. Louis on Saturday, 12 October 2013 to accept applications for new passports, including renewal, replacement and to answer any questions regarding passports.

Application for passports must be made in person and normally this would require travel to Chicago. However, the visit to St. Louis by a representative from the Consulate General will eliminate the need to travel to Chicago for those applicants taking advantage of this arrangement.

 Date – Saturday, 12 October 2013
 Time – 9:00 am to 4:00 pm
 Location – Saint Agatha Church (rectory)
3239 South 9th Street (at Utah)
St. Louis, MO 63118-2629

All applicants for passports must register in order to allow our Consulate General in Chicago to qualify the data required for passport application and to schedule an appointment time on 13 April. Kindly call Consul Jacek Bryniak at (312) 337-8166 ext. 228 for the registration and to schedule an appointment.

In preparing application for a Polish passport, refer to website: www.chicago.msz.gov.pl for instructions and note the following mandatory rules governing the issuance of Polish passports:

• Only a Polish citizen may apply for a Polish passport. Also, if your previous passport was issued before 13 April 1993, confirmation of citizenship will necessary. Whether applying for, or confirming Polish citizenship, contact Consul Eriusz Rybacki at (312) 337-8166 ext. 207 or chicago.passport-visa@msz.gov.pl as application for passport will not be accepted until citizenship is confirmed.

• Polish passports may be issued only based on Polish vital statistics documents (birth and marriage certificates)

• A Polish passport may not be issued without a PESEL number. If you do not have a PESEL number or you are not sure whether or not you have one, contact Consul Jacek Bryniak at (312) 337-8166 ext. 228 or chicago.passport-visa@msz.gov.pl.

• If you are changing your name in the passport and do not have a Polish marriage certificate or Polish legal document confirming the change in name, contact Consul Jacek Bryniak at (312) 337-8166 ext. 228 or chicago.passport-visa@msz.gov.pl.

• If applying for passport for a child under 18 years of age, both parents must consent in writing, both parents and the minor (over age 5) must be present.

• Children born in the USA to parents with Polish citizenship must “register” the child’s American birth certificate in Poland before applying for their passport. Contact Consul Jacek Bryniak at (312) 337-8166 ext. 228 or chicago.passport-visa@msz.gov.pl for details.

For your convenience, we will have a photographer available to provide approved passport photos. American Passport and Visa is the photographer and the charge for four (4) photos is $18 (check or cash accepted).