The iconic St Louis area show has been hosted by Mr. Anthony Kaminski since 1994. For many years it was the most widely listened-to ethnic radio program in the St. Louis area. It has been featuring news and events, along with plenty of great Polish-American folk music.  Anthony Kaminski has been the top dog on Polka Plus since Feb 14, 1994. Anthony began his career as a DJ by sitting in for Anthony Geppert in the 70s. Although Anthony grew up in the era of Rock and Roll, he found that polkas and waltzes opened up another vista for him. Anthony has added many new things to Polka Plus since its inception, including inviting special guests to co-host the program.  
In recognition of his contributions to the Polish American community, Mr. Anthony Kaminski was awarded by the Polish Government the Gold Cross of Merit. 

Many thanks to Tony Kaminski for his life-long dedication to promoting the Polish-American heritage.