Ed Poniewaz, The Polish American Journal columnist,  has assembled a collection of his columns from 2016 to 2019, and is offering them in a softcover book, aptly titled The Pondering Pole. The goal of the column (which started in the PAJ in 2005) and the book is the educate readers “and give them something uplifting and positive about being Polish.”  

Topics covered range from John Paul II’s messages of love, and Polonia’s unknown economic geniuses to competitive glass blowing and ideas to add some Polishness to your life. Of course, the book would not be complete without his signature (and ever-popular) section “Polish or Not?,” in which Poniewaz has unearthed the Polish backgrounds of some of the planet’s top names in politics, sports, entertainment, media, and more, all with Polish blood in their veins.

The book is available for $13.00
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Title The Pondering Pole; 2016-2019
Author Edward Poniewaz
Publisher Mira Digital Publishing, 2021
ISBN 1631104845, 9781631104848

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