Bisia Krasicka taught two generations in St. Louis at Villa Duchesne High School and the old Sacred Heart City House school, often keeping students on the edge of their seats with her amazing real-life tales. The book was written by her son Tony Reavis.

Bisia & Isham: The Countess & the P.O.W.

On Valentine’s Day, 1945, two soldiers met in a small café in Lublin, Poland. She was a Polish countess fighting for her nation’s doomed freedom. He was an escaped American POW searching for a U.S. mission. Neither spoke the other’s language. Yet 11 days later, they married, beginning a life of 64 years together. BISIA & ISHAM is a son’s retelling of his parents’ momentous meeting, a story that illuminates the indomitable Polish character and boundless American spirit.

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Elzbieta ‘Bisia’ Krasicka Reavis High school teacher, WWII resistance spy, Polish countess